Adding and Removing Fields

Creating and updating a Metadata Definition involves adding items to, and removing items from, the Metadata Canvas. Typically a User adds new Fields from the Metadata Palette and then configures them with the Metadata Configuration Panel.

Note: The below options are not available if the Workflow designer is in read-only Mode.

Adding a Field

To add a Field to the Metadata Canvas:

1) Click on the Metadata Canvas: Click on the field above where you want your new field to go.

2) Click on a Field: Click on the Field Type you wish to create in the Metadata Palette

3) Check position: Your new Field will appear in the Metadata Canvas. Check your new Field is in the correct position.

4) Configure your new Field: Configure your new Field by providing a name a description and any other options available. Although the Metadata Designer automatically creates a name, it is a good idea to create a more meaningful name.

If you wish to add more Field of the same type, you can keep clicking the Field Type in the Metadata Palette and new Fields will appear below the last one that was added.

You can also add a new Field, by right-clicking on the Field above where you wish to add your field. When you right-click, a pop-up menu will appear.

• When assigning a name to a Field, the Metadata Designer will not allow you to set a name that is the same as an existing Field in this Metadata Definition.

Removing Fields

The approach to removing Fields from the Metadata Canvas is as follows:

1) Click on Field: Click on the Field that you wish to delete.

2) Click Delete: Click the Delete button in the Control Bar.

3) Item Deleted: The Field will be removed from the Metadata Palette.

If you wish to delete more Fields from the current position, you can keep clicking the Delete button.

You can also delete a Field, by right-clicking on the field you wish to delete. When the pop-up menu appears, click Delete.

You cannot delete the top most Field as this represents the Metadata Definition itself.

If you attempt to delete a Complex Field Type that contains other Fields, a warning box will appear to ensure that you really wish to delete a Complex Field and all of its children.

You can also delete highlighted items by pressing your Delete key.

Moving Fields and Sizing the Canvas

Creating and updating a Metadata Definition involves adding Fields to, and removing Fields from, the Metadata Canvas.

There are a number of ways to move Fields on the Canvas and change their position in relation to other Fields. Before a Field can be moved it must first be highlighted by clicking on it. Please note that at the current time, you can only move Fields within the same container (Complex Field). You cannot currently move them from one Complex Type to another.

Drag and Drop

To drag items around the Canvas, highlight them and drag them using your mouse drag gesture.

1) Hold down left mouse button: Hold down your left mouse button on the highlighted field.

2) Drag Field up or Down the canvas: While holding down your left mouse button drag your Field up or down in relation to the other Fields. Release the button to stop dragging your items.


• You can move highlighted items around the canvas by using Up and Down arrow keys.

• You can use your mouse wheel to change the highlighted Field. Move your mouse wheel forwards to move up and backwards to move down.