The Metadata Designer is split into four distinct panels:

  • The Metadata Control Bar (top of the screen)
  • The Metadata Palette (left hand side of the screen)
  • The Metadata Canvas (centre of the screen)
  • The Metadata Configuration Panel (right of the screen)

Docking Panels

Some of the panel components can be dragged out of the Metadata Designer to allow more space for the Metadata Canvas. Once dragged out, the Panel will float above the Metadata Designer. Such panels can be docked with the Metadata Designer again by dragging them to their original location.

A panel that is dockable has a small grab area on one of its sides as shown below:

Once dragged out of its position, it will appear in a separate window and will float above the Metadata Designer, as shown below. You can then move the window around by dragging it with the mouse, and if you wish, you can re-dock it again.

The Metadata Pallet

The Metadata Palette gives access to the Metadata Field Types to enable you to create your definition. The buttons available in this Palette comprise all the types listed in the Metadata Field Types Section, grouped in the following way.

Basic: Fields that are classed as structural or container-based (or composite types) and can carry additional Fields.

Primitive: Represent common, "primitive" data types such as float, integer and date. These types are basic building blocks for data.

Objects: These Field Types represent references to existing Ooyala Flex Objects.

Ooyala Flex's Metadata framework can be extended using the API. You may therefore see other Field types that have been created via the API.

The Metadata Canvas

The Metadata Canvas is the area in which you design your Metadata Definition. This panel presents a graphical view of your metadata model in the form of a collapsible tree view.

The Metadata Control Bar

The Metadata Control Bar provides general controls for managing your Metadata Definition. The controls found on the Control Bar are:

Save: When you have made a change to your Metadata Definition, the save button will be enabled. Saving your Metadata will update your Metadata Definition.

Print: The print button allows you to print out your Metadata Definition.

Reload: The will reload the Metadata Definition to the last saved version.

Delete: This will delete a highlighted item in the Metadata Canvas

Pop out: Allows you to pop the entire Metadata Designer out of the web browser window to provide more screen space. Clicking again will pop the Metadata Designer back in to place.

The Configuration Panel

The Configuration Panel provides additional information and configuration options for a selected Metadata Field (item). If you have not selected an item, then information about the Metadata Definition is provided as shown below.

You cannot edit the top most Field name as this represents the name of the Metadata Definition itself.