Reviewer 1.0

Reviewer is an application that enables you to quickly and securely review, approve, and submit time-coded comments against your uploaded Assets anywhere, at any time, as long as you are connected to the internet.

In Reviewer you are able to:

• Create review sessions during upload, as well as from a Workflow.

• Specify how long a session will last.

• Invite other Ooyala Flex Users to participate in a review session.

• Invite external Users to view a review session.

• Enable your reviewers to download the Asset they are reviewing.

• Make comments against specific frames in an Asset.

• Search for comments that other Users have posted against an Asset, using the filters.

• Search for existing review sessions in the review portal using the filters.

• Keep track of the entire process.

Using the Uploader to send an Asset for review

1) Open the Web Uploader, and click the Upload button.

2) In the pop up, click the Add File(s) button.

3) In the dialog box, select the file(s) you wish to upload, and click Open.

As an alternative, you can simply drag the file into the Upload window as shown below.

4) In the pop up, select the Inbox and Workspace for the Asset from the respective fields, and click OK. The file will then start to upload in the background.

5) In the Select Destination section, fill in the destination details e.g. production, series, episode, version. Then in the Metadata section, if applicable, fill in any metadata details for the Asset.

6) Next, in the Review section, select the Send for Review checkbox.

7) In the Session Name field, enter a name for your review session.

8) In the Session Expiry Period field, select an expiry period. For example: you would select 3 Days if you wanted the session to expire within 3 days.

9) In the Add Reviewers field, you can add reviewers to your session. To add a reviewer, simply start typing the name of the reviewer you wish to add, and then select the name from the lookup.

Click the Add icon, and the reviewer will be added.

10) In the Comment field, you can write a comment about the review session, for your reviewers to read. If you select the Record this comment check box, your comment will be recorded in Ooyala Flex.

11) If you select the Allow Download check box, you will give your reviewers the ability to download the Asset that they are reviewing.

12) When you have finished specifying the details for your review session, click Save.

Opening the Review Session

1) To open a review session that you have either created, or been assigned to as a reviewer, simply navigate to the Asset in Ooyala Flex. Then, from the Review drop down, select the appropriate review session.

2) Reviewer will then open in the browser, and the Asset will be ready for you to review.

Review Session Overview

A) Information: Brings up the details about the current review session.

B) Due Date: This displays how long you've got before the review session expires. This will count down until the session expires. So for example if it says Due in 21 hours, it means that you only have 21 hours left in which to review the Asset.

C) User: Displays which User is currently reviewing the Asset i.e. you. You can also logout from here by clicking the drop down arrow.

D) Play/Pause: Enables you to play and pause the Asset.

E) Timecode: This displays the time code for the Asset.

F) Comment: By clicking the Comment icon, you can post a comment against a particular frame in the video.

G) Maximise/Minimise: Enables you to view the video in full screen view.

H) Comment Filter: Enables you to filter existing comments e.g. by Timecode Ascending, Timecode Descending, User, Time Posted Ascending, and Time Posted Descending.

I) Finished: Clicking the Finished button will notify the User who setup the review session that you have completed your review. They will then be enable to review comments you have made.


You can comment on a specific frame in the video, by clicking the Comment icon.

To post a comment follow these steps:

1) When you reach the frame in the video that you wish to comment on, simply click the Comment icon.

2) When the Comment box appears, write your comment and click OK.

You can find the exact frame you are looking for, by clicking the Skip Back and Skip Forward buttons.

3) Once posted, the comment will appear below the player. The comment will show which frame in the video the comment was made against, the date and time the comment was posted, and which reviewer posted it.

If you click on an existing comment, the video will jump straight to the frame which the comment was posted against. So for example: if you were to click on a comment that was made at 09:58:21:11, the player would jump to that particular frame in the video.

Note:The character limit for each comment, is 256 characters.

Deleting a comment

You can delete any of the comments that you have made during a review session, by clicking the crossicon located to the right of the comment.

Note: You cannot delete comments that another reviewer has made.

Review Portal

The Review Portal lists all other review sessions. To access the Review Portal, click the Back button, located at the top-left corner of the player.

Next to each review session in the list, you will see a symbol representing it's status such as In Progress, Expired, and so on.

Searching in Reviewer

You can use the search bar and accompanying filters in the review portal to find specific review sessions.

The Search by Filter

To help you narrow down your search, you can use the Search by drop down which is located to the left of the search bar. When you click the Search by drop down, you can choose to search by:

  • Review Name
  • Initiator Name
  • Review Id
  • Asset Id.

When you select a specific filter from the drop down, for example Review Name, you can start typing the name of the review session in the search bar, and the results will narrow down to contain all the review sessions that contain that phrase.

Status Filter

The Status Filter allows enables you to narrow down your search, by selecting the status of the review session. For example: if you are looking for a review session that is being carried right now, you would select the In Progress option.

Ooyala Flex Objects Filter

If you have Ooyala Flex Objects, you can create filters based on the User Defined Objects you have created. The example below shows a filter for a User Defined Object type called 'Production'. So in this case, the Production filter enables you to filter the review sessions by production.