Example Roles

User Administrator

An Administrator doesn't necessarily mean that the role is technical in nature. In some organisations there are different types of administrators depending on the industry, such as a User Administrator and a System Administrator. In this case we will use the example of a User Administrator. The User Administrator will only be able to work with things in Ooyala Flex that can be owned such as objects. They will not, on the other hand, have access to anything that will make changes to the system. Anything system related will be left in the hands of a System Administrator who will have the correct permissions.

The User Administrator can for example:

  • Upload, manage, publish, and delete files
  • Create and delete users
  • Add and remove users from groups
  • Create and delete user groups

The User Administrator cannot for example:

  • Make changes to workflows
  • Make changes to metadata schema
  • Create or edit roles
  • Add or remove permissions from roles (including their own role)


In many different industries a Producer is somebody who produces content, but hands over the responsibility of editing the content to somebody else, such as an Editor. In this example the Producer purely produces the content.

The Producer can for example:

  • Create content to be uploaded
  • Upload content that they have created
  • Delete content that they have created
  • View content that they have uploaded

The Producer cannot for example:

  • Edit the content they have uploaded


An Editor is someone who will have the permissions to make use of the content that has been uploaded, but will not be able to create or delete content. They will only be able to work with pre-existing content. A Producer will probably upload the content they have produced, and the Editor will begin editing it.

The Editor can for example:

  • View pre-existing content
  • Edit pre-existing content

The Editor cannot for example:

  • Upload content to Ooyala Flex
  • Delete Content from Ooyala Flex


A Viewer is an example of someone who has very limited permissions. They will only be able to search for and view content that has been uploaded and edited.

The viewer can for example:

  • Search for content that has been uploaded
  • View content in lists and search results
  • Play content such as Media Assets

The viewer cannot for example:

  • Upload content to Ooyala Flex
  • Make changes to pre-existing content
  • Delete content

Note: The Roles listed above are only examples to give you an idea of how configurable the permissions in Ooyala Flex are. They may not be applicable or suitable for your particular organisation or industry.