Switching Between Users

The Switch tab allows you to act as another user and switch between accounts. Acting as another user is extremely useful if you wish to carry out work on someone else's behalf.


If User A acts on behalf of User B, User A will take on all the Permissions that belong to User B.

Note: You can only act as another user, if you have the correct permissions assigned to you.

Acting as another User

1) In the Dashboard tab, click your name located in the top right corner of the screen.

2) In the User Details section, click the Switch tab.

3) Click the Act as drop down, and select a user from the list.

4) Click Go.

5) When you are acting as somebody else, it will display in the top right corner of the Ooyala Flex console. For example if your name was 'Matthew Carter' it might say Matthew Carter (acting as Jon Folland).

Notes: If you are acting as another user, and you use one of the Ooyala Flex applications such as the Metadata Designer, MAM, or Reviewer, it will show you as that user, as apposed to "acting as" that user. Unlike in the Ooyala Flex console, it will NOT say acting as... before the users name inside the application. An example can be seen in the Metadata Designer below.

Despite this, any actions you perform in the application will appear in the activity log on the Ooyala Flex console, and will show you acting as that user.