Creating a Workflow

The Workflow Designer allows you to design your Workflows graphically and then run the workflow using the same graphical representation to track progress.

Once you have created your new Workflow Definition you can access the Workflow Designer from the Graph Sub-tab.

If there is no Workflow Design for the current Workflow Definition, when you click on the Graph Sub-tab, the designer will automatically load...

Note: The Workflow Designer relies on Java Applet technology. To use the designer, you must have Java installed on your computer and ensure that you have the Java Applet plugin enabled in your web browser.

However, if a Workflow Design already exists, you will be presented with a number of options...

Version: If more than one version of a workflow exists, you can select the version from the list and view that version of the workflow in the canvas. You can move nodes around, but you cannot edit the workflow.

Edit: Clicking on edit will load the Workflow Designer in edit mode for the currently selected version.

Edit Layout: Clicking on edit layout will load the Workflow Designer in edit layout mode. In this mode you can only change the layout of the Workflow and not the structure.