Validating a Workflow

Before you save your Workflow design, you may wish to validate it. (It is not possible to save an invalid workflow). Validation is very important as a Workflow must be complete and logical if it is to be run successfully. To understand if your Workflow design is valid:

1) Click on the Validation button in the Control Bar.

2) The Workflow Designer will show validation symbols next to each Node. A green tick means OK and a red warning sign means there is an error.

3) Click on each Node to inspect and correct the validation errors.

4) Alterely click on the Canvas to see a list of errors for the entire Workflow.

5) Once you are finished, click the Validation button in the Control Bar again.

Note: If your validation fails, remember a few key rules:

• Every Workflow must have a start node

• Every Workflow must have at least one end node

• Every Node must have the correct number of entering and leaving transitions

• Some Transition Names are mandatory

• Every User Task and Action Node must have a Configuration assigned.