Job States

A Job can hold one of the following statuses:

Created: This state is applied to a Job when it has been created and has not been scheduled. A Job can be created in three ways: as part of a Workflow Node executing, as a result of a User Action or as a result of an API call. When a Job is first created, it is saved to Ooyala Flex's internal database. At this point it is considered created. Ooyala Flex's Job Scheduler ignores Jobs which do not have a start time scheduled.

Scheduled: When a Job is allocated a start time it is considered scheduled. Once a start time has been set, the Job Scheduler will periodically check to see whether it is due to be run.

Pending: A Job is pending, when it's start time is equal to or later than the current time. At this stage it has not been added to the Ooyala Flex Job Scheduler's internal queue as the queue is full.

Queued: When a Job is queued, it means that it has been added to the Ooyala Flex Job Schedulers internal queue and will execute as soon as the required Resources become available.

Waiting for Lock: Some Jobs require exclusive access to a Ooyala Flex Object such as an Asset. The waiting for lock state indicates that the Job is due to run, but that it's waiting for a lock. In order for the Job to run safely against an Asset it must first obtain access to an exclusive lock. If when the Job begins running, it cannot obtain a lock, its state is set to waiting for lock and it is added to a lock queue. When the Job that owns the lock relinquishes the lock (because its Job has completed), the lock will be given to the next Job in the queue.

Running: This state indicates that a Job has been executed by the Ooyala Flex Job Scheduler and is currently running. This implies that the code inside the associated Action is being run.

Timed Out: If the Action associated with a Job has a time out value set and the Job has been running longer that the time out period, the Job will be set to Timed Out.

Failed: A failed Job can be either retried or cancelled.

Cancelled: Once a job has been cancelled this cannot be changed. As a result the Job cannot be retried, scheduled etc.

Completed: A completed Job has successfully completed execution. Once a Job has completed it cannot be retried, scheduled etc.