Job Timeouts

As mentioned above, a Job works on an Action and you can assign a time-out period to an Action. If a time-out period is assigned to an Action then when a Job begins working on that Action it will set a timer for the duration of the time-out period. If the time-out period is reached before the Job has completed, the Job Scheduler will set the Job status to Timed-out. This does not (as might be expected) stop the Job running, it merely sets an indicator that the Job has been running longer than expected. This concept becomes powerful when an Event Filter is set up for Timed-out Jobs. This means that Users can be made aware that something may be wrong. Time-outs are particularly powerful when a Job is connecting to a 3rd party system, for example a Transcode server. It may provide an early warning that the Transcoder is not performing as expected and may have an internal fault. Please note that Ooyala Flex never cancels running Jobs for the simple reason that the Job may get into an illegal state and corrupt data or other external systems.