Accessing the Metadata Designer

There are three entry points in Core, by which you can access the Metadata Designer. These are as follows:

  • Via the Toolbar: You can select the New option, and then select Metadata Definition. From there, you can then create a new Metadata Definition. This is the primary way to access the Metadata Designer.
  • By Searching: You can search for a specific Metadata Definition. Then when you select it from the search results, you will be taken to the Metadata Designer.
  • Via a Variant: You can access the Metadata Definition by selecting a Variant that is associated with a specific Metadata Definition.

When the Metadata Designer opens, you will see two options:

  • Create New Metadata Schema: This option enables you to create a new Metadata Schema.
  • Import Metadata Schema: This option enables you to import an existing Metadata Schema. By clicking this option, you are able to drop a metadata schema file into the upload window.

You will also see a list of existing Metadata Schemas that you have created. If you click on a Metadata Schema in the list, it will open, and you can edit it.