Searching for Existing Definitions

You can search through existing metadata definitions, using the search bar located above the list of existing definitions.

To use search for a definition, follow these steps:

1) Click inside the search bar, located in the top-right of the list of metadata definitions.

2) Start typing the name of the existing metadata definition.

3) The list will then filter down, to only those metadata definitions that contain that specific name.


You can also filter the list of existing metadata definitions, using filters. You can filter by:

  • Account
  • Created Date
  • Enabled
  • Locked
  • Modified Date
  • Name

Configuration tabs

When you click on an existing metadata definition from the list, a configuration panel will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

This panel has various tabs, which can help you view information about your metadata definition, as well as perform certain actions against them.

The tabs are as follows:

Information tab: This shows you information about your metadata definition, such as the title of the definition, ID, UUID, the owner, the Account it was created in, the visibility, creation date, and when it was last modified.

Attachment tab: This enables you to attach a file to the metadata definition, such as a document. It will also list any existing attachments in this tab.

To upload an attachment, simply follow these steps:

1) Click the Upload Attachment link.

2) In the Upload Attachment pop-up, either drag the file into the upload area, or click inside the upload area to manually browse to the file.

3) Click Upload, and the file is attached to the metadata definition.

Comments tab: This enables you to post a comment against your metadata definition.

To post a comment against a metadata definition, follows these steps:

1) In the Insert a comment box, enter your comment.

2) Click the + icon.

3) Your comment is posted below.

You can change the order in which the comments are displayed, by clicking the Ascending / Descending icon. By clicking this icon, the comments will be displayed in either ascending order or descending order.

If you have a very long list of comments, and you need to locate a specific comment, you can enter a keyword or phrase associated with the comment. When you click the search icon, that comment will appear below.

You can also filter through the list of comments, by date and user.

History tab: This lets you view the history of your metadata definition.

References tab: This shows you all the objects that are referenced by your metadata definition. For example any variants.

To close the Configuration tabs panel, click the Close icon.