Object Specific Searches

In Ooyala Flex, you can perform object specific searches. A search field will be visible in your toolbar and will only search for object types relevant to the dashboard you are in. For example, if you are in the Assets dashboard, any query you generate will only search for assets.

Note: If you perform an Asset search, the Asset Origin field will be automatically set to "all". This means that the asset search you have performed, will automatically show you assets that match your search criteria, regardless of their origin.

To change the origin of the asset, follow these steps:

1) Expand the Asset Options section above the asset search results.

2) Click the Asset Origin drop down, and select an asset origin, such as: Clip, Copy, Import, Ingest, New, Proxy, Rendered Clip, Rendered Sequence, or Transcode.

3) The results will then filter down to only contain the origin category that you have selected. So if you have selected "Ingest", the results will only contain assets that have an ingest origin.