Acting as Another User

The switching functionality allows a user to act on behalf of another user. Switching can be very useful when a user has taken a task, but is unavailable or away from the office. If a user has switching permissions (defined in their role), they have the ability to act as a user and to either carry out the task, or return the task to the pool.

To act as another user, follow these steps:

1) Select your User Profile in the top-right hand corner of the page.

2) In the User Details section, select the Switch sub-tab

3) From the Act As drop down, select the user that you want to act as.

4) Click Go.

5) Your name in the top-right hand corner of the screen will now change to read (acting as ....). In this case Matthew Carter (acting as Jon Folland).

6) Click the My Tasks button from the navigation panel, and carry out the task management process on behalf of the user.

Note: The act as functionality needs to be enabled on your role setup to give you access.