Validating a Workflow

Before you save your workflow design, you must validate it. You cannot save an invalid workflow. Validation is very important, as a workflow must be complete and logical if it is to run successfully.

Below, you can see what a workflow looks like once it has been validated:

To check whether your workflow design is valid:

1) Click the Valid? option in the Control panel.

2) Validation symbols are displayed next to each node.

  • A green tick means that the node is valid.
  • A red warning sign means there is an error.

3) Click on each node to inspect and correct the validation errors.

Once you have clicked on an invalid node, you can view the error under the Error tab, in the Current Item panel. In the example below, you can see that there is an error related to a transcode node.

5) Once you have finished correcting any errors, click the Valid? button in the Control panel again.

Note: If your validation fails, remember a few key rules:

  • Every workflow must have a Start node.
  • Every workflow must have at least one End node.
  • Every node must have the correct number of entering and leaving transitions.
  • Some transition names are mandatory.
  • Every user task and action node must have a configuration assigned.