Starting and Stopping Objects

Some objects can be run as a service in Ooyala Flex. Examples include resources and timed actions. Once such objects have been enabled, they then need to be started in order to function within Ooyala Flex. Stopping an object is useful when you wish to divert Jobs or other activities to other services. A good example of the importance of starting and stopping is the resource. If you stop a resource, it will no longer be used and Ooyala Flex will divert jobs to other resources that are visible to the current rser and that are running. So by stopping a running resource, a super user can safely take it out of the pool of resources for configuration or decommission. Conversely, a super user can configure a new resource and it will not be available until the super user starts it.

Starting an Object

To start an object, simply click the Start icon found in the object setting view.

Stopping an Object

To stop an object, simply click the Stop icon found in the Object Setting view.