Logging into the Ooyala Flex Console

Logging in for the First Time

You will be sent an email containing a URL and your login name. Your login name will be assigned to you by your account administrator. When you click this URL, you will be able to change your password to one that is more memorable and relevant to you.

1) To begin, open your email inbox, and click on the URL in the email.

2) Change your password to one that you'll remember. Keep in mind that your administrator may have applied certain constraints, such as character limit and so on.

Logging in Ordinarily

Once you have changed your default password, you will be able to use it to login to Ooyala Flex from now on. To login to Ooyala Flex, simply navigate to your organisation’s Ooyala Flex login page. Then enter your user name and password.

Forgetting your Login Details

If you have forgotten either your username or password, you can click the Forgot your Username? and Forgot your password? links found under the respective fields. When you click either of these links, a pop up box will appear, in which you can enter the email address associated with your Ooyala Flex account. A reminder of the login details is then sent to that email address.

Logging Out

To log out of Ooyala Flex, click the Logout link in the top-right corner of the screen.