Timed Action Jobs

When a timed action runs, it is run as a timed action job in the same way that jobs and group jobs are run. Although a timed action executes at regular intervals rather than one time only in the case of normal jobs, it is always associated with a single job Instance. This job instance is then run according to the intervals configured in the timed action. Timed action jobs can be viewed in the Job Dashboard and the Job Details sections of the Ooyala Flex console.

Note: A timed action is a special type of action that is designed to be run at regular intervals. You will be aware by now that actions are run as jobs. In the case of a timed action, only one job exists and it is run every time the timed action interval has been exceeded. You can therefore link from a Timed Action screen to the related Timed Action Job Details screen in the Jobs section.