Searching in Ooyala Flex

Search can be an extremely useful tool in Ooyala Flex, as it can help you locate items you need to access quickly and easily. There are several different searches that can be run, including: global searches, object specific searches, advanced searches, and pre-populated searches.

Ooyala Flex supports what is called "structured search". Structured search involves:

• Selecting values in search fields.

• Text search: where you can add wildcard terms to drill down in more detail.

Note: Ooyala Flex automatically indexes all information that belongs to objects, such as comments, metadata, and even the contents of any attachments that have been attached to an object such as PDFs, Word documents, and Excel workbooks.

Text searches enable you to search in a more natural way, by matching content in an unstructured fashion. Ooyala Flex provides a rich query language, so you have the ability to create your own queries that accurately find the information that is relevant to you. Text searches can be used in the global search, as well as the dashboard specific searches (in the Search For field in the advanced search screens). Text searches can also be used in combination with more structured search terms.

Note: You may choose to combine field-based and text base searches. In the asset dashboard, search for all assets that are owned by Joe Blogs that have a creation date of 19/10/2015 and comprise text matching the fuzzy term roam~.

Ooyala Flex uses an internal indexing engine to index a range of content belonging to an object. These are: name, keyframe, description, comments, keyframe, title, description, contents of attachments -PDF, Word, etc.

The Search guide contains the following topics: