Tag Collections

Create a New Collection

Click the Tag Collection icon to create a new tag collection, or to edit or disable an existing collection.

The Tag Collections window is displayed:


To create a new tag collection, click the + icon to display a new dialog.

Mandatory fields are Name and Visibility, and are displayed in red. You can add a description if you wish:

To exit without creating a collection, click Cancel, or the Close icon outside the dialog.

Edit a Collection

To edit an existing tag collection, click the ellipsis beside that collection and select Edit.

Note: Click on any other part of the tag collection entry to display a panel with the metadata associated with that collection. This panel also includes an Edit button at the bottom:

The edit window is displayed. To add a new tag to the collection, type the name in the Add New Tag field, and click the + icon, or press Return.

To edit an existing tag, click in the tag field. To delete a tag, hover over the field to display an edit icon, and a delete icon:

Click the arrow beside the collection name to return to the main window.