Creating a HTTP Transfer Resource

To create a HTTP transfer resource, follow these steps:

1) In the Ooyala Flex console, on the right-hand side of the screen, click the Settings tab.

2) From the toolbar, click the Resources option.

3) On the Resources screen, click the New option.

4) In the Create a New Resource... screen, enter the details for your HTTP transfer resource.

5) In the Name field, enter a name.

6) In the Description field, enter an optional description.

7) In the Visibility field, enter a visibility for your resource. For example: which accounts, sub-accounts, and groups that the resource can be viewed by.

8) From the Plugin drop down, select the HTTP Transfer Resource option.

9) From the Polling Interval drop down, select a polling interval.

10) Click Save.

11) On the Transfer Resource screen, click the Configuration sub-tab.

12) Click the Edit option.

13) In the Public End Point field, enter the URL of the web transfer instance associated to this resource.

14) In the Internal End Point field, enter the URL used by enterprise to communicate the web transfer instance associated with this resource (For example: when starting / stopping the resource).

15) Click Save.

16) Click the Enable option.

17) Click the Start option.