Job Details

The Job Details screen displays information about an individual job or group job. The tabs and relevant fields are described below.

The asset and workflow instance linked to the job can be accessed using the link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Note: If you wish to watch the progress of a running job in realtime, then simply click on the History sub-tab. The view will refresh automatically to show updates as the job runs.

In the Job Details screen, you can use the sub-tab navigation to browse. Below we will focus one the job-specific tabs.

The Job Toolbar

As well as the usual Follow and Shortcut options in the Job Details view, you may also see a Retry and Cancel option. These buttons are only visible if the job is in a failed or timed out state.

  • Retry: If a job has failed or timed out, then clicking Retry will request that the job scheduler retry the failed job again.
  • Cancel: If a job has failed or timed out then clicking Cancel will cause the Job to be set to "Cancelled".
Note: You can also delete a job, assuming it is no longer being used.