Example of Carrying out a Task

Once you have started a task, Ooyala Flex will direct you to a wizard, to enable you to complete it.

One example of a task is a "preview" task. The preview player is shown at the top of the Wizard Page. To begin playing a preview, you can either click on the player window or on the Play button in the player controls. From the control bar, you can also scroll back and forth within a video.

You can pause the video to view content for a particular frame.

You can also preview in full screen by clicking on the Full Screen button.

To return back to the Task screen from the full screen mode, click the Esc button. The Task screen will show the metadata entered for the asset.

For this particular task there are fields in the metadata form that require your input or validation (for example, Approval fields, comments or product and advertiser information).

Note: Fields marked with a red star are mandatory:

Once all steps of the task have been completed, you will be presented with a pop-up asking you to comment (optional) and accept or reject the task. If the associated task node has more than one leaving transition, you will also be asked to select the leaving transition.