Creating Objects

You can use the New option on the toolbar to create new objects such as assets, asset groups, resources, and so on. The toolbar is visible in every tab in Ooyala Flex, so it can be accessed quickly and easily. Once you select the type of object you wish to create, you will be taken to a screen where you will be required to enter a name for the object and an optional description.

You can select the object type you wish to create, by clicking the New drop down.

In the Create new... section, you can enter the details for your new object. Some fields for a new object will be mandatory, such as name, visibility, and so on. Certain mandatory fields are only present for certain object types.

All mandatory fields will be marked with a red star.

Note: If you attempt to save a new object without filling in the mandatory fields, you will receive a warning. You will be unable to save the object until those mandatory fields have been filled in.

Object Level Support for External IDs

Ooyala Flex now supports external IDs. The support for external IDs has been introduced in the following areas:

If you wipe over an external ID for an object in the Ooyala Flex console, you can see the details in a pop-up. This pop-up lists a small table of the external IDs currently defined. The pop-up also enables you to delete, add, or edit entries, as long as you have the External ID Management permission enabled for your role.

You can search an existing external ID in the Ooyala Flex console using both the basic search, and an advanced search. The following examples of queries can be performed:

  • "xyz-123"
  • "ObjectId:xyz-123"
  • "123"

Below is a list of some objects types that you may be able to create (dependant on your permissions):

• Account • Image Asset • Quota • Task Definition
• Action • Media Asset • Report Definition • Timed Action
• Event Handler • Metadata Definition • Resource • User
• Group • Player Definition • Role • Wizard
• Group Asset • Profile • Sub Account • Workflow Definition