5) Creating an Extract Action

The extract action will extract keyframes from your asset. You can specify how many keyframes you wish to extract from assets you import, while configuring your extract action. For example: you might want to extract 10 keyframes during the import, and then choose which one will act as the master keyframe for your asset.

To create an extract action, follow these steps:

1) In the Ooyala Flex console, from from the toolbar, click the New option.

2) From the drop down, select Action.

3) In the Create new Action… section, you will need to fill in the details for the your extract action.

4) In the Name field, enter a name.

5) In the Description field, enter an optional description.

6) From the Visibility field, select the workspaces, accounts, and groups that will be able to access this extract action.

7) In the Plugin Type field, select extract.

8) From the Plugin field, select Default Extract Action.

9) Click Save.

10) Next, click the Configuration sub-tab.

11) Click the Edit option.

12) Expand the Extract Frames complex, by clicking the + icon.

13) In the Set a Master Frame field, enter a number.

14) In the Fixed Interval field, enter a number.

15) Click Save.

16) Click Enable.