Single File Uploads

Note: You can change the language of the User Interface using a drop-down menu on the top toolbar.

To upload an asset to Ooyala Flex, follow these steps:

1) If you are in Core, click Upload on the toolbar.

If you are in MAM, click Upload on the top toolbar.

2) The Web Uploader opens in a separate window.

3) Click the text to browse for your file, or click Web Upload.

Note: Alternately, you can drag the file into the upload area, instead of manually navigating to it.

Note: If you intend to upload using FileCatalyst, you must manually select the file. Dragging the file into the uploader window will not work, as FileCatalyst needs to use its own selector to access the asset.

4) Browse to the file you wish to upload, and select it.

5) Click Open.

6) From the Inbox drop down, select an inbox.

7) From the Workspace drop down, select a workspace.

8) If a metadata schema is associated with the inbox, you must fill in any mandatory metadata fields before uploading the asset.

Note: You must click the Save button to save the metadata. This is located at the end of the metadata fields. If you don't save your metadata, you will be unable to upload the asset.

9) Click Upload File.

10) The file uploads. You will see a bar showing the progress of the upload.

Note: You can still apply bulk metadata to multiple files that are not part of a bulk upload.