User Groups

User groups are used to segregate users within an account, sub-account, or the master account for the purposes of:

• Assigning event notifications

• Assigning tasks

• Metadata field access

Most importantly, a user group represents a collection of users that share a specific task. Typically a task is assigned to a user group.

The following properties can be viewed at user group level:

Owner: Typically the person that created the user in the system.

Members: A collection of users that belong to this user group. (A user can belong to more than one group)

Account: The account that the user group belongs to.

User Group Object Properties

Property Support Explanation
Scope Account, User The Scoping of this object.
Visibility Whether theobject supports visibility.
Plugins Supports plugins.
Extended Config. Whether the object has an extended configuration tab.
Scripting Whether the object can be configured using scripting.
Enable / Disable Whether the object can be enabled and disabled.
Start / Stop Whether the object can be started and stopped.
Copy Whether the object can be copied.
Export / Import Whether the object can be exported and imported.
Delete Whether the object can be deleted.
Unique Name Whether the object name must be unique within its scope.
Variants Whether the object supports variants.

Creating User Groups

1) On the toolbar, click the New option.

2) From the drop down, click Group.

3) In the Create a new Group... screen, enter the details for your new group.

4) If you want to make the group private, select the Private checkbox.

5) When you have finished specifying the details, click Save to finalise.

Adding members to the Group

1) In the Group Details screen, click the Members sub-tab.

2) In the Members sub-tab, click the Edit Members option.

3) To add a member, select a user from the Non-Members box, and click the Arrows icon.

4) The user will then be added to the Members box.

5) When you have finished adding members to the group, click Save to finalise.

6) Now, when you click on the Members sub-tab, you will see all the members you have added to the group.

Enabling a Group

To enable a group, navigate to the Group Details screen, and click the Enable option.