User Task Types and Wizards

A user task is a workflow concept that links together a user and a wizard that comprises of pages. Hence a task type is synonymous with a wizard. Both refer to an ordered sequence of pages, through which you interact with Ooyala Flex in order to carry out work. Ooyala Flex's task definition and wizard framework is very extensible so that developers can create their own task types and wizards with their own associated pages.

Below we have listed some of the task types that Ooyala Flex provides "out of the box".

Approve Metadata: Review the metadata associated with an asset and update and approve the metadata.

Select Keyframes: Select and amend the data for keyframes that are associated with an asset.

Preview: Watch the proxy for an asset in Ooyala Flex and add comments.

Add Metadata: Enter metadata for an asset in Ooyala Flex.

It's important to understand the difference between a user task and a wizard. A user task references a wizard and must be carried out as part of a workflow. A wizard is a user interface component that offers a sequence of pages or screens that must be worked on in a specific order. A wizard does not have to be carried out as part of a workflow and can be run in "stand-alone" mode.