Unlocking a User

An Overview

A user is automatically locked when they exceed the number of permitted login attempts. A locked user can no longer log in - they must contact their administrator in order have their user user credentials unlocked, so they can log back in.

Configuring Locking Rules

If you are an account administrator, you can determine the rules related to locking users. This can be done by configuring the account metadata, located under the Metadata sub-tab in the account details screen.

You can specify the maximum number of failed attempts a user can make before they are locked out of Flex, by entering a number in the Maximum Number of Failed Attempts field in the configuration for the account:

In the example above, a user would have to enter their user credentials incorrectly 10 times before being locked out of Flex.

You can also specify the amount of time before a user can attempt to log in again, after they have reached the maximum number of failed login attempts. This can be set in the Lock Minutes field.

To unlock a user, you must be an administrator with the “Edit” permission assigned in your role for users.

1) Navigate to the user details screen for the user you wish to unlock.

2) On the power bar, click . The user is unlocked.

Note: There is no way to manually lock a user. However, it is possible to manually disable a user. See the Disabling a User page.