This topic is a guide to MAM.

MAM stands for "Media Asset Management", and is an application that enables you to upload, organise, perform rough edits, and publish your assets all from one place. One of the greatest aspects of MAM is that you can access it via a browser. This means you can log in and use it anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. MAM is also collaborative, which means you can work with your assets alongside other users in your organisation. MAM utilises a micro-services architecture.

With MAM you can:

  • Upload your assets.
  • Browse through your existing assets, collections, and edits.
  • Place your assets into nestable collections.
  • Post time-coded comments against assets.
  • Tag your collections and assets.
  • Search for assets with a quick search and advanced search.
  • Create rough cut edits on your assets and extract clips.
  • Use pre-configured actions and launch workflows against your assets, such as transcode, archive, approval, copy, delete, and publish.

The MAM guide contains the following topics: