You can view multi-language subtitles for the assets you have uploaded.

Note: Subtitles are classed as a child of the original asset. This can be seen in Core.
Note: You must configure the subtitles feature in Core before it can be used in MAM. To configure subtitles, you must do the following:
  1. Upload an MXF OP-1a input media file with OP-47 teletext subtitle.
  2. Configure an Extract Subtitle Resource plugin.
  3. Create an Extract Subtitle action.
  4. Start the Extract Subtitle action.

Please consult the Subtitle configuration guide for more information.

Note: In Ooyala Flex version 6.1.0, only MXF OP-1a input media files with OP-47 teletext subtitles are supported for the input, and WebVTT files for the output.

Displaying Subtitles

To display subtitles, follow these steps:

1) In the Manage Asset view, click located below the player.

2) From the menu, select the language you wish to view.

Note: You can only view subtitles in one language at a time.

3) Play the asset and the subtitles appear on top of the video.

You can also view subtitles in the media asset panel.