Setting up Reviewer in Core

A certain amount of configuration must be done in Ooyala Flex Core in order to start using Reviewer. You must create and set up a “Start Session” action, so that you can create review sessions against your existing assets, and those that you will upload in future. Once you have set up this action, a Start Session button is displayed above all of your assets in Ooyala Flex.

Creating a Start Review Session Action

To create a start review session action, follow these steps:

1) In the Ooyala Flex console, on the toolbar, click the New option.

2) From the drop down, select Action.

3) In the Create new Action… screen, you must enter the details for your new action.

4) In the Name field, enter a name for your action, for example “open-a-new-review-session”.

5) In the Description field, enter an optional description.

6) In the Visibility field, select where the action is to be available.

7) From the Plugin Type field, select the Start Session type.

8) From the Plugin field, select either the Start Image Review or the Start Video Review option.

9) Click Save.

10) Click the Configuration sub-tab.

11) Click the Edit option.

12) In the Session Name field, enter a session name, e.g. “Open Session”.

13) In the Initiator field, select a user that will initiate review sessions.

14) In the Reviewer User field, click the + symbol, and select a user from the drop down that you want to include in the review session. You can do this for as many users as you wish.

15) In the Reviewer Group field, click the + symbol, and select a group from the list. You can do this for as many groups as you wish

16) You can enter list expressions to specify the users. Click the + symbol, and enter the expression in the field that is displayed. Users specifid in this way are aded to the list of users specified in the drop-down fields.

17) The View Only Reviewers Section allows you to specify email addresses of users that can only view the asset they are reviewing, but not download it. You can also specify an email message template.

18) In the Review Expiry Date field, select a date by which you want the review session to expire.

19) Select the Approval Supported? checkbox to enable approval by the configured reviewers.

20) In the Review Session Fields section, you can specify fields for the review session. You can specify as many fields as you want.

21) In the Instruction field, enter an optional comment.

22) In the Record Instruction? field, select the checkbox if you want instructions to be recorded.

23) In the Record Instruction Expression field, you can enter an expression that determines whether to record instructions:

24) In the Asset Publish Action field, select an existing publish action that will be used to publish assets.

Note: You must create a publish action before you create a review session action.

25) In the Message Template field, select an existing Ooyala Flex message template. This template will be sent out to those you choose as reviewers for review sessions in future.

Note: To create a message template, please check the Ooyala Flex message template documentation.

26) In the Portal URL field, enter a portal base URL to use for sessions.

27) In the Custom Statuses field, specify the status buttons for end of review that should be displayed in the review session. You can define multiple buttons. For each button, you must specify a name and colour, and can select a metadata definition from the drop-down list. You can also specify whether more than one status can be chosen:

28) Click Save.

29) Click Enable, to enable the action.

30) Your Start Session action is displayed on the power bar above any assets you upload to Ooyala Flex.

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