Ad Types

The following table describes the most common ad types in Player V4.

Type Description
Linear Ad A video ad that interrupts the main video asset.
Non-linear Overlay Ad An ad (usually a small rectangle) that appears at the bottom of the video player that does not interrupt the main video asset.
Linear Overlay Ad An overlay ad that takes over the whole player screen that stops (interrupts) the main video asset.
Podded Ads A single ad request that returns a group of ads sequenced to play together back-to-back in an ad break. Podded ads will play wherever the ad break is scheduled.
Manually Podded Ads Multiple ads (each with their own ad tag) that you have manually set to play at the same time in the video timeline. The end user has the same user experience as with podded ads.
Ad Bumper A small video that gets inserted in the beginning of the video before your pre-roll ads play. This video can act as an introduction to your ads.
Companion Ad An ad that appears outside of the video player (on the web page). The video player notifies the web page when to display the companion ad on the page.