Ad Set Fields for Ooyala Pulse Ad Manager

The fields described here are for Backlot ad sets with ad source set to Ooyala Pulse (Videoplaza) ad manager in the Backlot UI.

The fields for the ad set correspond directly to fields you set while creating an integration between your player and Ooyala Pulse for ad serving. The following table maps the fields in the ad set to the SDK parameters and provides further descriptions where necessary.

Ad Set Field Name Corresponding Ooyala Ad Products SDK Parameter and Further Descriptions

Ad Position

This field has the following options:
  • Pre-Roll:

    On before content: Linear ads that are played before the main content starts (Pre-rolls).

  • In-Stream:

    On playback position: Linear ads that are to be displayed at a certain point on the main content's timeline (Mid-rolls). This value requires that you also set the playback position (see playback position).

  • Post-Roll:

    On content end: Linear ads that are played after the main content has ended (Post-rolls).


host URL: When the SDK is initialised, the host for the Ooyala Pulse account must be provided. This is used to identify which Pulse account to request ads from. The host is derived from the "sub-domain” found in the Pulse UI and is formulated like this:

Player level midroll ad breaks

playback position: This is the point on the main content timeline, in seconds, that the "on playback position" (Mid-roll) ad slot should be displayed. A warning may be triggered if this value is higher than the duration of the main content.

For the Player level midroll ad breaks, provide all positions in seconds separated by commas. For example: 10,20.

Player level tags

tags: Tags are freeform keywords that can be used for targeting and reporting purposes. Although the tags keywords are able to handle UTF-8 characters, we recommend refraining from using special characters like quotes (‘ and ") ampersand (&) comma (,) semi-colon (;).

Player level Videoplaza flags

flags: The flags are used to apply special rules and conditions to an ad request. For example, a piece of premium content has been sponsored and no pre-rolls should be displayed. Adding the flag "noprerolls” will prevent pre-rolls from being returned but mid-rolls and post-rolls will be available as normal.

Supported flags are:
  • nocom: No ads are returned at all
  • noprerolls: No pre-rolls are returned
  • nomidrolls: No mid-rolls are returned
  • nopostrolls: No post-rolls are returned
  • nooverlays: No overlays are returned

Player level shares

This field is a combination of the category and content partner parameters, again separated by commas:

  • category: The category is a string that is used to associate content with a category that has been defined for the client's account in the Ooyala Pulse UI. The value of the category can be the Pulse native ID of the category found in the Pulse UI or a human readable "alias” that has been associated with the category in the Pulse UI. Categories are used for reporting and targeting purposes in Pulse UI. It is also possible to apply individual ad policies to each category, controlling how many and what type of ads are returned.

  • content partner: The content partner is used to add an additional reporting dimension to the ads that are displayed. The content partner value can use the Pulse native ID of the content partner found in the Pulse UI or a human readable "alias” that has been associated with the content partner in the Pulse UI.

Short form content max. length (sec.)

Enter the maximum length in seconds an ad may be to still be considered as a short form ad.

Non-Linear ad breaks

On playback time: This is for non-linear ads that should be displayed after the user has viewed the main content for X seconds (Overlays).

For the Non-Linear ad breaks, provide all positions in seconds separated by commas. For example: 30,60,120.

Tracking Pixel URL

URL for tracking pixels to monitor the delivery of your ad assets.

Note: Tracking is also provided by Ooyala Pulse through the integration with your video player.