Ooyala Pulse Integration Toolkit

Ooyala Pulse Integration Toolkit makes it easy to integrate with Ooyala Pulse, the most advanced video monetisation platform on the market, and leverage Ooyala's vast experience of successful video ad integrations.

Through its plugins and SDKs, the toolkit offers a wide range of features to insert ads with the best end-user experience on any platform.

Plugins and SDKs

The plugins and SDKs provide a wide range of interchangeable modules for requesting, inserting, showing and tracking ads and user behaviour. The offered plugins and SDKs include:
  • Plugins, which require little integration effort and have been created to easily integrate with a particular player:
    • Ooyala Flash Plugin for Ooyala Player V3
    • Ooyala HTML5 Plugin for Ooyala Player V4 (see Video Platform documentation for more information)
    • Brightcove Player HTML5 Plugin
    • JW6 Flash Plugin
    • JW7 HTML5 Plugin
    • Flowplayer Flash Plugin
    • VideoJS HTML5 Plugin
  • Ad Players, which layer on top of your normal video player to solely play ads, require the least amount of integration effort, but still provide access to underlying classes and methods if more specialised logic is required:
    • Flash Ad Player*
    • HTML5 Ad Player
    * The Flash Ad Player development is in maintenance mode. Several web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, ...) are moving towards click-to-activate for the Flash plugin. Relevant articles:
  • Pulse SDKs, which require a small amount of integration effort, and also provide access to underlying classes and methods if more specialised logic is required:
    • iOS Pulse SDK
    • tvOS Pulse SDK
    • Android Pulse SDK
    • HTML5 Pulse SDK
  • Note: The Core iOS (including tvOS) and Android SDK have been deprecated from October 3, 2017 and Ooyala will no longer provide any support from April 3, 2018. If you are still using these SDKs, then consider migrating to the Pulse SDKs as soon as possible. Contact your Ooyala representative for details.

    Core SDKs, which require the most amount of integration effort, and provide you access to all classes and methods, but no basic logic is provided out-of-the-box.

    • iOS SDK (Deprecated)
    • tvOS SDK (Deprecated)
    • Android SDK (Deprecated)
    • HTML5 SDK


Integration between your video player and Ooyala Pulse for ad serving can also be achieved through a VAST or VMAP integration, where you directly request these ticket types from Pulse. However, this way of integrating should be used as a last resort and only when you have no or limited control over the video player you use to play back your content.

Add On Integrations

Besides the integration between your player and Ooyala Pulse for ad serving, you may be interested in adding functionality to your integration provided by a third party. A few integrations are supported directly by Ooyala, where we provide an easy way to integrate.


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