Flash Events and PlayerState Reference

Ooyala Flash Ad Player (Plugin) Event Flow

Event Flow Diagram

Ooyala Flash Ad Player Events

Name Description Action
VpEventType.AD_PLAYER_READY Triggered when the ad player has fetched ads and is ready to start Call adPlayer.start()to start the session
VpEventType.AD_PLAYER_COMPLETE Triggered when the ad player has played the last ad for the session and has ended or been closed by the user Move on to a new content item and start from the beginning
VpEventType.AD_PLAYER_VOLUME_CHANGE Triggered when the ad player volume changes. Required for syncing the ad player volume with the player volume Update player volume to match ad player volume
VpCommandEventType.DISABLE_CONTROLS Triggered when the ad player tells you to disable user controls (for example, when it is displaying a linear ad and the user should not be able to control the main content) Disable controls
VpCommandEventType.ENABLE_CONTROLS Triggered when the ad player tells you to enable controls again Enable controls
VpCommandEventType.START Triggered when the ad player is done playing pre-content linear ads Start your main content
VpCommandEventType.PAUSE Triggered when the ad player tells you to pause the content (for example, when a linear ad is displayed) Pause the main content
VpCommandEventType.PLAY Triggered when the ad player tells you to resume/play your content Resume main content

Ooyala Flash Ad Player States

The PlayerState static constants should be used to inform the Flash Ad Player about the current state of the client video player.
  • PREPLAY: video player is in an initial preplay state
  • PLAYING: video player is playing
  • PAUSED: video player is paused
  • BUFFERING: main video content is buffering
  • BUFFER_COMPLETE: main video content buffering is complete
  • CLIP_COMPLETE: main video content playback is complete

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