(Deprecated) Miniplayer Integration Guide


The Miniplayer is a lightweight integration of Ooyala's Flash Ad Player for environments that want to load pre-rolls before any type of content, such as gaming sites or image galleries.

The Miniplayer is configurable using Javascript, and it will load the Ooyala Flash Ad Player inside a lightweight video player, thus eliminating the time and bandwidth required to load an traditional video player, such as Flowplayer or Brightcove. After playing the pre-roll ad break, the Miniplayer will unload itself, thus allowing the main content to be shown.

This approach is particularly useful if each content item is a unique Flash instance with no common underlying Flash platform or framework.


Flash Plugin URL

var miniplayerURL="http://cdn.videoplaza.tv/resources/flash/miniplayer/latest/miniplayer.swf"

Configuration String

A string of key/value pairs separated by the "&" symbol. Any relevant flashvar can be added here: var queryString = "vpHost=http://{subdomain}.videoplaza.tv&vpTags=tag1,tag2&vpCategory=myContentCategory&vpFlags=nomidrolls,nopostrolls,nooverlays,noskins";

Ad complete event

When the pre-roll ad break is complete (or if the Ad Player fails to load), the following Javascript event will be triggered.



In the example below, the pre-rollDone() function calls the Javascript function "close_div_promotion", which simply closes the div containing the Ooyala Miniplayer, and revealing the publisher content hidden behind it. However, the show/hide behaviour can be implemented however is best suited to your site.

Miniplayer example


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