(Deprecated) Brightcove SMART Plugin (Flash+HTML5)

How to integrate Ooyala Pulse ad delivery with the Brightcove SMART player using the Brightcove SMART plugin.

  • Before proceeding, we strongly recommend that you read in full the Brightcove article Delivering Advertising with HTML5.
  • You have a Brightcove account with a player up and running on your site.
  • You have an Ooyala Pulse account and a unique ID.
  1. Enable HTML5 advertising.
    1. Go to Brightcove Videocloud > Account Settings > HTML5 Advertising. Enable HTML5
  2. Setup the Flash plugin and configuration.
    1. Select Advertising Tab > Select a player and click Edit.
    2. Select "Videoplaza Ad Player" from the Ad Source drop-down menu.
    3. Add the plugin config as Player-Level Key/Value Pairs separated by ";".

      For example: vpHost=http://{your-unique-subdomain}.videoplaza.tv;

      Setup Flash Plugin
  3. Enable HTML5 Delivery.
    1. Select Publishing Tab > Select the same player and click Settings > Select Global Settings.
    2. Enable all Web Settings.

      Enable the Web Settings

  4. Setup Ooyala HTML5 Plugin.
    1. Select Publishing Tab > Select the same player and click Settings > Select Plug-ins Settings.
    2. Add the URL to the Ooyala HTML5 SMART plugin (make sure it ends with "?blocking=true"). http://cdn.videoplaza.tv/resources/html5/brightcove/latest/vp_plugin.js?blocking=true
    3. Save Changes. Save the Changes
    Note: It may take up to 10 minutes before Brightcove's CDN propagates all changes.
For more information on customizing your ad player, targeting your ads, adding cue points and Java support see:

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