Share a Custom Report

Within Custom Reporting, you have the possibility to share reports externally, without the external party having access to any other data in Pulse.
  1. Open Custom Reporting from the menu Custom Reporting access tab.
  2. Click on the ... button of the report you want to share, and select Share Report. The Share Report window opens:

    Share Report Start

  3. Fill in a label in the Label field, to identify the sharing on the report. For example, Share report with Company X.
  4. Select an expiration date in the Expires field to indicate until which date the link works.
  5. Click Create Share Link. The next window containing the link opens:

    Share Report Link

  6. Click Copy Link, and send the link to whomever needs access to the report.
    Note: When you send the link, also mention until when the report can be viewed.
  7. Click Close Window when you are done to finish the procedure.

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