2015-11-17 Release

Android 2.x SDK demo integration and new Swift iOS 2.x SDK demo

Android 2.x SDK Demo Integration

The second generation version of the Android SDK was released a few weeks ago and now a demo integration and the accompanying developer documentation is available.

The demo integration illustrates the following features of the SDK:

  • Linear ads: showing pre-, mid-, and post-rolls
  • Lazy loading: request 3rd party ads as late as possible to avoid wrongful impression tracking by the 3rd party provider
Warning: This demo is not intended to be used in production and Ooyala does not support or fix issues that may arise from blindly copying code from this demo into your app.

The necessary resources to start developing can be found here: http://help.ooyala.com/downloads, under Video Advertising, Android.

The Android demo integration is located here: adtech-android-2.x-demo

iOS 2.x SDK Demo Integration in Swift

A new demo integration is available for iOS 2.x SDK written in Swift, and can be found here: ios-2.x-swift-demo

Documentation Releases

This release includes the following documentation additions:(Deprecated) Android 2.x SDK.


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