2016-09-22 Release

iOS Pulse SDK session extension.

Session Extension in iOS Pulse SDK

From versions, the iOS Pulse SDK supports session extension. This means that you can add more points during the video content to play ads, with the following limitations:
  • You cannot request insertion points that have been requested already. For example, if you have already requested post-roll ads, then you cannot request them again.
  • You can request additional mid-rolls, but only for cue points that have not been requested yet. For example, if you have already requested midrolls to show after 10 seconds and 30 seconds of video content playback, you can only request more midrolls for times that differ from 10 and 30 seconds.
  • You may request pause ads multiple times, but the selected pause ad is always the last one requested. This means that the pause ad insertion point is always overwritten with the latest result from the session extension.

The main use case for session extension is the ability to insert ads in live streams.

Documentation Releases

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