2017-03-01 Release

New and improved forecasting engine, and progressive forecasting reports.

New and Improved Forecasting Engine

A new and improved forecasting engine is now available in Pulse. The new engine conforms to and follows the distribution engine completely. This means that the following improvements and features of the distribution engine are now also available in the forecasting engine:
  • Time based breaks (released 2016-05-19).
    Note: For campaign simulations, we assume the goal always 'fits' within a time-limited break. Depending on the length of ads used in an actual campaign, the forecast could appear to show more available impressions than the campaign can actually deliver in a time-limited break.
  • Goal pacing functionality (released 2016-09-01)
  • Frontloading bug fixes (released 2016-09-06)
  • Metro area targeting (released 2016-09-15)

The new forecasting engine makes it easier for us to incorporate any future changes to the distribution engine, and ensures that we can represent any necessary data for our upcoming holistic Sell-Side Platform.

Progressive Forecasting Reports

The new engine also brings progressive forecasting reports, which means that as soon as an inventory or campaign simultation has started, you can open it to view the creation of the report in real-time.

Progressive Simulation Report

Documentation Releases

This release includes the following documentation updates:

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