HTTP Response Codes and Messages

The top of all responses contain the following message format. Possible values for status message and code are described in the table below. Unless otherwise indicated, these codes pertain to the Ooyala IQ Reporting API. In the case of an error, the response includes the errors key, with an explanatory message.
  “status”: “status message”,
  “statusCode”: code
  "errors" : "explanatory message"
    “status”: “Invalid parameter”,
    “statusCode”: “400”,
    “errors”: [“filter has invalid syntax: invalid character . at position 4”]
HTTP Response code General Meaning Detailed Description
200 Success The request was successful.
204 No Content Successfully received Returned by the Event Ping API. No response body is returned.
400 Bad request The request is incorrect. For example, it does not contain required query string parameters.
401 Not authorized Either the credentials (Ooyala-provided API key and secret) are missing or their values are not valid.
403 Insufficient permission The credentials in the request do not have sufficient permission for data requested.
429 Quota exceeded The requester's quota of API calls has been exceeded. Quotas are described at API Rate Limiting
500 System error Possible problem in the Ooyala system.
503 Service Unavailable There is a temporary service outage.