Create a Watchlist

This endpoint creates a new watchlist for a consumer and returns its 32-character UUID. Every user has a default watchlist, which is created automatically. Use this request to create additional watchlists.

HTTP Request

    "name": "Name for New Watchlist",

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Type Required
api_version Must be v3. String Yes (URL)
account_token Used by the Watchlist Service to reference the watchlist associated with a particular end user (identified by their UUID). For details, see Ooyala Account Token API. String Yes (URL body)
name Descriptive name of the watchlist to create.
  • Must be a string 3 to 64 characters long. It cannot be an empty string. You can use alphanumeric as well as special characters (underscores, spaces, punctuation marks, etc.).
  • Specify a name that is unique for this user. Duplicate names are invalid. Comparisons are case sensitive, so "my_watchlist" and "MY_WATCHLIST" are considered different.
  • You cannot specify "default"(or any variations in case) for the name parameter. Every consumer has a default watchlist that is created automatically.
String Yes (body)

Return Codes

Code Reason Description
201 OK POST request succeeded. The new watchlist was created successfully.
400 Request error Failed due to any of the following issues:
  • Parameters are missing or formatted incorrectly.
  • The specified watchlist name is "default" (or any case variation of the word).
  • The watchlist with the specified name already exists for this user.
401 Unauthorized The specified account_token is invalid.
404 Not found The server is down.
500 Internal server error An internal server error occurred.


Parameter Description
watchlist_id ID of the newly created watchlist. A 32-character UUID.


    "name" : "action movies"
Response (Success)
    “watchlist_id” : “d074b535-253d-4f6a-82a1-1be382g7c181”