Attribute Update API (Deprecated)

The attribute update API is now part of the asset API. You can perform a GET against an asset to return its data or a POST to update attribute settings.

Backlot API v1
&attribute1=<new value>
&attribute2=<new value>    

Backlot API v2

  “attribute1” : “<new value>”,
  “attribute2” : “<new value>”  


This example updates the name and description of the specified asset.

  "name": "Honey Badger",
  "description": “Honey badger don’t care.”

Backlot returns a response similar to the following:

  "name": "Honey Badger",
  "preview_image_url": null,
  "asset_type": "video",
  "duration": 0,
  "embed_code": "ODUzYWNiZGJiZjFlYjFjNjQ3NDljYzFh",
  "created_at": "2011-10-26T19:40:32+00:00",
  "time_restrictions": null,
  "updated_at": "2011-10-26T19:40:32+00:00",
  "external_id": null,
  "hosted_at": null,
  "original_file_name": "honeybadger.avi",
  "description": “Honey badger don’t care.”,
  "status": "uploading"