Upload Widget Option Reference (Deprecated)

The Upload Widget has a mix of required and optional parameters.

Required Parameters:

  • pcode – Account Identifier
  • expires – Query expiration date in seconds since epoch (00:00:00 1/1/1970 GMT) After the expiration time, the currently signed URL will not work, preventing unwanted uploads of content into your account beyond the specified time.
  • signature – The digital signature of the request. The signature should be calculated using SHA-256 with the signature generation rules.

Optional Parameters:

  • label[<id>] – Automatically attach one or more labels to files uploaded through the widget.
  • dynamic[<id>] – Specify one or more regular expression rules. Dynamically created labels must adhere to at least one of these rules.
  • hostedAt – Specify the URL the uploaded video or channel will be hosted at. This is used in MRSS feeds and in the Info panel of the player.
  • status – Set the default status, processed content is assigned to. Possible values are: live, pending, or paused. Default is live.
Note: We recommend using label to assign provider-specified labels and dynamic to assign user-specified labels.In Backlot, both label and dynamic allocated labels will appear the same.