Adobe Access DRM (Deprecated)

Adobe Access DRM has been deprecated.


Note: Ooyala integration with Adobe Access DRM has been deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.

Ooyala supports Adobe® Access™ DRM to deliver and protect premium video to Ooyala Flash-based players across desktop devices. With Adobe Access DRM, publishers, broadcasters, and content owners can deliver video to a variety of desktop devices with the confidence of secure DRM delivery. Ooyala includes Adobe Access as one of a set of comprehensive content protection features that work together to provide you with the ability to secure your premium content. The Adobe Access DRM solution allows you to deliver premium video content with persistent content protection for playback on desktop Flash players.

The Ooyala Transcoding Services (OTS) encodes and packages/encrypts video fragments prior to distribution. The DRM regime also employs configurable DRM policies to ensure your video content is protected with restrictions in accordance to your security policies and compliance rules. Ooyala also integrates with supplemental content protection technologies from User Authorization through authentication mechanisms such as our integration with Adobe Pass. You also have the option of adding Ooyala Secure Player Token (OPT). For detailed information about setting up and using this feature, see the Ooyala Player Token for Player V3 (Deprecated).

Supported Platforms and Formats

Ooyala and Adobe Access DRM Workflow

For an overview of the content distribution workflow in Adobe Access, you can read the Adobe® Learn Flash Access Overview topic. At a high level, the general content workflow is as follows:
  1. The video file is encrypted with a unique content encryption key and packaged locally at Ooyala using Transcoding Services.
  2. During playback, if client is authorized, there is a license acquisition request to the license server.
  3. The license server decrypts the license request and then assigns a policy to the license (for instance, the video cannot be played if the device is connected to an external device) and returns the license to the client.
  4. If the client meets the policy requirements, the video starts playing.

Configuring Adobe Access

Using Adobe Access to set up your provider/assets with Adobe Access DRM is very straightforward. You just need to have Adobe Access enabled for your account. Work with your Ooyala Customer Success Manager or Customer Portal to enable Adobe Access for your account.

You also have the option of enabling the Ooyala Player Token (OPT) authenticationwith Adobe Access DRM. For more information about using OPT, see the Ooyala Player Token documentation.