Integrating LiveRail Ads with Player V3

The following documentation describes the LiveRail integration with Player V3. LiveRail VAST ads are supported in Player V4. For documentation on the LiveRail integration with Player V4, see VAST and VPAID Ad Plugin.

Liverail Ad Platform

Liverail is an ad server and ad management platform. Using the Liverail ad manager, publishers are able to segment their ad inventory, define ad targeting rules and take advantage of Liverail’s real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities.

Supported Platforms

Ooyala supports the LiveRail ad manager on the following platforms for Player V3:
  • Flash (via an OPF plugin)
  • HTML5
Note: We are able to support LiveRail integrations in mobile app environments via VAST.

Supported Ad Positions

Ads are supported on Flash and HTML5 V3 Players for the following ad positions:
  • Pre-Roll
  • Mid-Roll
  • Post-Roll
  • Clickthrough

Ads and Firefox Private Browsing

For consumers using Private Browsing windows in Firefox, some ads may fail to load because privacy mode blocks certain kinds of tracking URLs.

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