Player V3 VAST 2.0 Ad Integration

The following documentation describes the VAST integration with Player V3. For documentation on the VAST integration with Player V4, see VAST and VPAID Ad Plugin.

VAST 2.0 Compliance

Ooyala's V3 player is VAST 2.0 compliant. It's easy to traffic pre-, mid-, and post-rolls using VAST ad sets in Backlot.

Supported Platforms

Ooyala supports the following platforms for VAST ads:
  • Flash Player V3 web
  • HTML5 Player V3
  • iOS and Android mobile SDKs

VAST Ads Using Page Parameters

You can also add VAST ads via page parameters (HTML5 Player V3 only).

Ads and Firefox Private Browsing

For consumers using Private Browsing windows in Firefox, some ads may fail to load because privacy mode blocks certain kinds of tracking URLs.


Q: How does Ooyala Pulse track VAST ad impressions for podded ad sets (e.g. mid-roll ads)?

A: Ooyala's support for VAST on the iOS and Android Mobile SDKs for Player v3 has recently changed the way ad impressions are tracked in Ooyala Pulse. For podded ad sets like mid-roll ads, impressions are tracked when each individual ad in a podded ad set has started to play. This gives you a more accurate view of ad impressions tracked for sessions played through the Ooyala Player via iOS and Android applications.

Q: What if the ad server doesn't return a response? Does Ooyala support passback? If there is timeout, what is the timeout value (sec)?

A: We do not support passback at this time. We offer a timeout across HTML5 and Flash: 5-10 seconds for HTML5 and 18 seconds for Flash.

Q: Is there any limitation on ad video duration? If yes, how long is the maximum?

A: No, the ad duration doesn’t have a time limit. However, we do have a 30 second limit on overlay ads for Flash.

Q: How many VAST wrapper redirects can we follow?

A: We currently support the IAB standard of 4 redirects.

Q: Does an adset need to be created for VAST to work, if the tags are created programatically? My understanding was that an ad set HAD to be created. Also, how to you get more than one pre-roll to show? My assumption was that you change the frequency parameter.

A: No, you don't need to set up the VAST ads in Backlot to add them to the player; you can use the vastAds parameter instead. If you use the VAST page level parameter instead, then it only changes the video; whereas vastAds overrides and creates VAST ads to be added to a video with or without Backlot. The frequency parameter allows you to set how often the ad plays.

Q: Can a VAST response contain multiple ads?

A: No, the VAST module currently only supports a single <Ad> tag within a VAST response. Any additional ads will be ignored.

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