Ooyala Ingest Server Endpoints

Note: This topic applies to both OIS v2.5 and OIS v1. Certain sections, where indicated, apply to just one version. OIS v1 has been disabled. Customers using OIS v1 should switch to OIS v2.5.
Use the following endpoint servers to upload content to Ooyala via FTP and Aspera. You must use the appropriate credentials to log into these servers.

OISv2.5 Ingest Server Endpoints

Log in using your Backlot upload-only user account credentials (email and password). You can use these endpoints for either FTP or Aspera clients.
Region Endpoint
All transfer.ooyala.com
US transfer-us.ooyala.com
EU transfer-eu.ooyala.com
APAC transfer-apac.ooyala.com
The main endpoint automatically redirects to the region closest to you. You can also access the region-specific endpoints directly.

OIS v1 Server Endpoints (Deprecated)

Note: OIS v1 has been disabled. Any customers using OIS v1 must switch to OIS v2.5.

Aspera Endpoint

Use the following endpoint for Aspera client uploads: aspera.upload.ooyala.com

FTP Endpoints

Use the following endpoints for FTP client uploads.
Region Endpoint


UK uk.ftp.upload.ooyala.com
JP jp.ftp.upload.ooyala.com
  • For faster uploads, Ooyala recommends that you use the servers in the region to which you are closest.
  • There are times when our servers are under heavy load and may not respond as quickly. Should you want more responsive uploads, you can use the alternative FTP servers.