v2/v3 Fundamental Difference: Multidimensional Analysis (Deprecated)

In v3 Analytics (Ooyala IQ), data are stored and presented multi-dimensionally.

Warning: The v2 Analytics API has been deprecated. See Ooyala IQ Analytics for more details on the new v3 Analytics API.

In v2 Analytics, the data are shown uni-dimensionally (that is, a single dimension). This means that in v2 you could investigate only one type of data at a time; for example, by domain, or by geography, or by device, and so on.

In v3 Analytics, however, the data are presented multi-dimensionally (that is, more than a single dimension). What this means is that you can do analyses of more than one set of data at a time. For example, instead of looking at data only by geography OR by domain type, in v3 Analytics you can look at data by geography AND by domain (the intersection between these two dimensions). You can apply up to 3 dimension filters at a time.

In v3 Analytics (Ooyala IQ), multidimensional analysis is supported in both the GUI and the REST-based APIs.